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Sl Product Description Usage Reference
1 Identity Platform Identity Platform provides back-end services, SDKs, and UI libraries that make it easier to authenticate users to your apps and services. Google-grade identity and access management Identity Platform Reference
2 Deployment Manager Google Cloud Deployment Manager is an infrastructure deployment service that automates the creation and management of Google Cloud resources. Write flexible template and configuration files and use them to create deployments that have a variety of Google Cloud services, such as Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, and Cloud SQL, configured to work together. Templated infrastructure deployment Deployment Manager Reference
3 Service Catalog Create, share, and manage solutions and deployments with internal users in your organization. Internal solutions catalog Service Catalog Reference
4 Carbon Footprint Measure, report, and reduce your cloud carbon emissions Your cloud carbon emissions Carbon Footprint Reference
5 Apigee You have data, you have services, and you want to develop new business solutions quickly, both internally and externally. With Apigee, you can build API proxies—RESTful, HTTP-based APIs that interact with your services. With easy-to-use APIs, developers can be more productive, increasing your speed to market. API Management Apigee Reference
6 Cloud Endpoints Endpoints is an API management system that helps you secure, monitor, analyze, and set quotas on your APIs using the same infrastructure Google uses for its own APIs. After you deploy your API to Endpoints, you can use the Cloud Endpoints Portal to create a developer portal, a website that users of your API can access to view documentation and interact with your API. Secure, monitor, analyze, and set quotas on your APIs Cloud Endpoints Reference
7 Migration Center Google Cloud Migration Center is a unified migration platform that helps you accelerate your end-to-end cloud migration journey from your current on-premises environment to Google Cloud. With features like cloud spend estimation, asset discovery of your current environment, and a variety of tooling for different migration scenarios, Migration Center provides you with what you need for your migration. Migrating workloads from on-prem to cloud Migration Center Reference