GCP Operations

Perform various Operations of resources in the Google Cloud

Sl Product Description Usage Reference
1 Cloud Monitoring Cloud Monitoring collects metrics, events, and metadata from Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), hosted uptime probes, and application instrumentation. Using the BindPlane service, you can also collect this data from over 150 common application components, on-premise systems, and hybrid cloud systems. Google Cloud's operations suite ingests that data and generates insights via dashboards, charts, and alerts. BindPlane is included with your Google Cloud project at no additional cost. To collect metrics data from your Compute Engine instances, create an Agent Policy that automatically installs and maintains the Google Cloud's operations suite agents across your fleet of VMs. Monitoring Cloud Resources Monitoring Reference
2 Cloud Debugger Cloud Debugger is a feature of Google Cloud Platform that lets you inspect the state of an application, at any code location, without stopping or slowing down the running app. Cloud Debugger makes it easier to view the application state without adding logging statements. Debugging App Code Debugger Reference
3 Cloud Logging Cloud Logging is a fully managed service that allows you to store, search, analyze, monitor, and alert on logging data and events from Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. You can collect logging data from over 150 common application components, on-premises systems, and hybrid cloud systems. Logging includes storage for logs through log buckets, a user interface called the Logs Explorer, and an API to manage logs programmatically. Logging lets you read and write log entries, query your logs, and control how you route and use your logs. Inspecting Logs of Cloud Resources Logging Reference
4 Cloud Profiler Cloud Profiler is a statistical, low-overhead profiler that continuously gathers CPU usage and memory-allocation information from your production applications. It attributes that information to the application's source code, helping you identify the parts of the application consuming the most resources, and otherwise illuminating the performance characteristics of the code. Collecting CPU & Memory utilization Profiler Reference
5 Cloud Trace Cloud Trace is a distributed tracing system for Google Cloud that collects latency data from applications and displays it in near real-time in the Google Cloud console. Tracing Latency of Apps Trace Reference
6 Error Reporting Error Reporting aggregates and displays errors produced in your running cloud services. Using the centralized error management interface, you can find your application's top or new errors so that you can fix the root causes faster. You can report errors from your application by sending them directly to Cloud Logging with proper formatting or by calling an Error Reporting API endpoint that sends them for you. Centralised Error Reporting Error Reporting Reference
7 Backup and DR Backup and DR allows you to protect virtual copies of your data in its native format, manage these copies throughout their lifecycle, and use these copies for disaster recovery, business continuity, and development and test activity. Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Backup & DR Reference