GCP Management Services

Control costs, establish identity and access management, and use APIs

Sl Product Description Usage Reference
1 APIs & Services Google Cloud APIs are programmatic interfaces to Google Cloud Platform services.Cloud APIs are exposed as network API services to customers, such as Cloud Pub/Sub API. Each Cloud API typically runs on one or more subdomains of googleapis.com, such as pubsub.googleapis.com, and provides both JSON HTTP and gRPC interfaces to clients over public internet and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks. Clients can send HTTP and gRPC requests to Cloud API endpoints directly or by using client libraries. API management for cloud services Cloud API Reference
2 Billing A Cloud Billing account defines who pays for a given set of Google Cloud resources. To use Google Cloud services, you must have a valid Cloud Billing account, and must link it to your Google Cloud projects. Your project's Google Cloud usage is charged to the linked Cloud Billing account. You must have a valid Cloud Billing account even if you are in your free trial period or if you only use Google Cloud resources that are covered by the Google Cloud Free Tier. Assortment of billing and cost management tools Billing Reference
3 IAM & Admin Establish fine-grained identity and access management for Google Cloud resources Resource access control IAM & Admin Reference