GCP Storage Services

Store data securely in the Google Cloud

Sl Product Description Usage Reference
1 Cloud Storage Object storage for companies. Store any type of data, any amount of data, and retrieve it as often as you’d like. Stream videos, Image and web asset libraries, Data lakes GCS Reference
2 Persistent Disk Block storage service, fully integrated with Google Cloud products like Compute Engine and GKE. Disks for virtual machines, Sharing read-only data across multiple virtual machines, Rapid, durable backups of running virtual machines, Storage for databases Disks Reference
3 File Store Filestore instances are fully managed NFS file servers on Google Cloud that can be connected to Compute Engine VMs, GKE clusters, and your on-premises machines. File sharing workloads for GCE and GKE File Store Reference
4 Storage Transfer Service Transfer data cloud-to-cloud, on-prem to cloud, and between cloud storage buckets. Data Migration Workloads STS Reference
5 Transfer Appliance Transfer Appliance is a high-capacity storage device that enables you to transfer and securely ship your data to a Google upload facility, where we upload your data to Cloud Storage. Heavy Data Migration Workloads where network bandwidth is not sufficient to transfer data quickly. Transfer Appliance Reference