GCP CI/CD Services

Continuously Integrate and Deliver software in the Google Cloud

Sl Product Description Usage Reference
1 Cloud Source Repository Cloud Source Repositories are fully featured, private Git repositories hosted on Google Cloud. Storing App Source Code CSR Reference
2 Cloud Build Cloud Build is a service that executes your builds on Google Cloud infrastructure. Cloud Build can import source code from Cloud Storage, Cloud Source Repositories, GitHub, or Bitbucket, execute a build to your specifications, and produce artifacts such as Docker containers or Java archives. Learn more Cloud Build executes your build as a series of build steps, where each build step is run in a Docker container. A build step can do anything that can be done from a container irrespective of the environment. To perform your tasks, you can either use the supported build steps provided by Cloud Build or write your own build steps. Building and Packaging App Code Cloud Build Reference
3 Artifact Registry Store, manage, and secure container images and language packages. Storing App Container Images and Packages. Artifact Registry Reference
4 Cloud Deploy Google Cloud Deploy is a managed service that automates delivery of your applications to a series of target environments in a defined promotion sequence. When you want to deploy your updated application, you create a release, whose lifecycle is managed by a delivery pipeline. Deploying App Code Cloud Deploy Reference