GCP Compute Services

Run scalable virtual machines and containers in Google Cloud

Sl Product Description Usage Reference
1 Compute Engine Compute Engine is a computing and hosting service that lets you create and run virtual machines on Google infrastructure. Compute Engine offers scale, performance, and value that lets you easily launch large compute clusters on Google's infrastructure. Any Workload GCE Reference
2 Google Kubernetes Engine Deploy, manage, scale, archestrate containerized applications on Kubernetes clusters. Containerised Workloads with Archestration Support GKE Reference
3 App Engine Build and deploy apps on a fully managed, highly scalable platform without having to manage underlying infrastructure Web App Workloads GAE Reference
4 Cloud RUN Cloud Run is a managed compute platform that enables you to run containers that are invocable via requests or events. Cloud Run is serverless: it abstracts away all infrastructure management, so you can focus on what matters most — building great applications. Containerised Workloads Cloud RUN Reference
5 Cloud Functions Cloud Functions is a lightweight compute solution for developers to create single-purpose, stand-alone functions that respond to Cloud events without the need to manage a server or runtime environment. Event Driven Workloads GCF Reference
6 VMware Engine VMware Engine is a fully managed service that lets you run the VMware platform in Google Cloud. Google manages the infrastructure, networking, and management services so that you can use the VMware platform efficiently and securely. VMware Workloads VMware Reference
7 Distributed Cloud Managed edge infrastructure Latency/performance sensitive workloads
8 Batch Jobs as a service, Submit, run, and manage your batch workloads as both inline commands or containerized workloads, powered by Compute Engine’s resources Batch Workloads
9 Anthos Build and manage modern applications across on-premises and cloud environments.Anthos is a managed platform for all your application deployments, both traditional as well as cloud native. It enables you to build and manage global fleets and establish operational consistency across them. Hybrid Cloud Workloads Anthos Reference